Team Building & Problem Solving

Anyone who has to share and exchange views and ideas with others in order to carry out a definite task, in every day life, knows very well that it might get frustrating and difficult at times to be synchronized and to feel that we can achieve our goals in harmony!

Here with H.A.T team you could find ways to overcome those differences. They often keep you from thinking straight and to see the problem clearly. By learning new ways to look at situations using different eye and approach, you'll open the door to a world of better awareness and understanding of your own weaknesses and strengths. We specially customize your Team Building program according to your needs and time you have on hand. Great care is taken in listening to your needs, so that we can efficiently design the right program for you.

Our programs always include outdoor activities which will put you through the challenging situation of taking you onto very unfamiliar terrain and will stretch you beyond your comfort zone. Throughout the challenge you will help with community work and go through all sorts of physical and mental challenges. Our activities mean to help bring the creativity and initiative streak out of you. Help you develop self confidence and also trust in the other team members.  Keeping high, the team spirit is not an easy task to achieve and if everyone synchronizes their efforts they'll soon realize that together, a team can "move mountains".

You will get the sense that, each member is vital to the good running of the team and that only by sharing and understanding with each other, can you succeed.
If you feel you could do with such program, at this moment in time, you can contact H.A.T team, we'll be more than happy to assist you in choosing the best program to suit you. We certainly have a H.A.T that fits you !!!

Tour Prices and Time
Minimum 2 persons
00Baht per person
Minimum 4 persons
00Baht per person
Includes: Entrance fees, English speaking guide, Transport, Lunch, Accident insurance.
08:00hrs - 16:00hrs

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Team Building & Problem Solving Tour

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