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Hua Hin Municipality plans to build fake coral

Every year committee of the fishing village does some things for the public. This year Mr.Sirapan Kamolpramote ( Hua Hin's Lord Mayor) has discussed with Mr.Nanthapol Thua Lipo ( Chairman of the fishing village committee possibility of building fake coral sites for the sea fishes.

Nowadays it is very rare to spot aquatic animals in the the sea in Hua Hin area. Everyday many Hua Hin's fishing boats go out to catch fish and squid. The fish stocks have been reduced dramaticaly. This has an effect on the population of fish, they now have a reduced number of dots on their body.

The member of the fishing village committee have agreed to build fake coral for aquatic creatures.

The fake coral project is very expensive and Mr. Sirapan is urging Thais and the foreigners who live in Hua Hin to donate money to the fake coral project. The coral project will start at the end of this year and will coincide with the 80th birthday of the HM the King. Prachuab Kirikan Province will arrange celebration.

Please contact Hua Hin Municipal any time, if you would like to make donation to coral project.

Reported by Khun Tuck Dechapanya
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