Hua Hin Thai Mothers Day

On 12th August is the Queen's birthday. As she is regarded as the mother of all Thai people, Thais also celebrate Mother's Day on this same day. On that day early in the morning government official, royal army, police, students, teachers, Rotarians, Hua Hin residents gather around the high tower clock. They form procession and walk on Petchakasem Rd to the King’s palace about 2 km away. During the procession to the palace, music band from the Klaikangvon School plays favorite music pieces.

After arrival in front the King's Palace the procession is greeted by the Privy Councilor who represents HM the Queen. The Provincial Governor pays respect to HM the Queen and presents flowers to the representative of the HM the Queen. He is followed by other government officials who also offer flowers.

Then all present sing song ‘Mother of Kingdom’, song praising the King & Queen and at the end the King’s song.

In evening at 7pm for about 2 hrs, government officials, students and teachers gather again in to the Queen’s Garden. At the start of the evening ceremony Gevernment official lits a candle and he was followed by other persons. Eventually all the candles are lit and all present pay respect to the HM Queen. They sing songs and wish HM the Queen a long and healthy life

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