Long Tail Boat Racing at Khao Tao

Long Tail Boat Racing for HM King's Cup take place every December at Khao Tao Reservoir. It is well known that water and Thai people are inseparable and long tail boat racing is of Thai traditions during water season. It is tradition showing the way of life of Thai rural community located next to rivers.  Long tail boat racing is an old traditional sport seen in many provinces; Phichit, Naan, Phetchabun, Nakhonsawan, Surin, and other provinces with rivers during the end of Buddhist lent.

For this event long boats teams come from many provinces to compete for the King’s Cup. They compete in the large, medium and small long boat category. Each large long boat has 50 oarsmen, medium long boat has 30 oarsmen and small long boat has 7 oarsmen. In each race two long boats competed against each other in three categories. Teams in long boats will compete for two days.

Racing Types;
- HM. The King’s Cup        for 50-oarsman, Big boat type
- HM. The Queen’s Cup    for 30-oarsman, Middle-size boat type
- HRH. Sirindhorn’s Cup   for 7-oarsman, Small-size boat type

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