Hua Hin Chinese New Year Festival

Hua Hin residents celebrate Chinese New Year every year at Phonkingpet Public Park. The celebrations are organised jointly by Hua Hin Municipality and the Celebration Holding Committees.

In Hua Hin area, there are a lot of Thai-Chinese residents. Until recently the annual Chinese New Year was celebrated among their relatives only, but Hua Hin Municipality has decided to organize Chinese New Year for all Hua Hin residents at the Phonkingpet Public Park. As part of the Chinese New Year celebration takes place Lion and Dragon Masks Parade. They are joined by students from 7 Tessaban (Municipality) schools. The celebrations are officially opened by Hua Hin Mayor.

Hua Hin Municipality has realised how important Chinese New Year celebration are to the Thai-Chinese residents. The administrative team has decided to organize similar celebrations to the New Year Festival. The “Trut Jeen” Chinese New Year celebrations have been passed from generation to generation. The Thai and the Chinese are regarded as “sibling” to each other. In order to celebrate the Chinese New Year in style famous Lion & Dragon mask show from Nakornsawan are invited.

For the celebration, Hua Hin Mayor and administrative officials dress in ancient Chinese costumes. After the official opening all parades move a long Phechakasem Road to Chat Chai Market on Pechakaem Road then around the market back to Phonkingphet Park.

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