Pranburi Mangrove Forest

Pranburi Mangrove Forest is located at the Pranburi Forest Park. The main attraction is Mangrove Forest Nature Trail  which will allow you walk through the middle of a beautifully preserved natural mangrove forest, teaming with various species of crabs. The Pranburi Mangrove Forest is considered to be the largest Mangrove forest in Thailand with an ongoing project of preventing flood and sewage treatment .

The Pranburi Mangrove Forest has been preserved by Her Majesty the Queen. A wooden walk way has been built to make the one-hour walk extremely pleasant and safe. The Reserve contains Mangrove of several variety of more then 100 years old that inter-woven naturally beyond human wildest imagination. During high tide you will watch tropical various brackish water fish one meter away from you.

During low tide you will watch hugh mud-skippers jumping and playing providing a good show; the white claw fiddler crabs will display their “White Blades” trying to attract the opposite sex to the happy time. The best time for the walk is around 5pm when the sun will soon set and the temperature is down, the yellow sun light bringing gold glitters to the top of the trees to fascinate your eyes. This board walk, leading to mangrove forest, includes interpretative information for those wishing to learn more about the mangrove forest they are visiting.

To get there take Chaum-Pranburi road, before entering Pranburi turn left at the junction of three roads called Samyak Phetchakasem, and drive 8 kilometers along the road to Huahin, take a byroad at the right with a sign point to Pranburi Forest Park for 4 kilometers.

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