Phetchaburi. 65km north of Hua Hin, is an old city that used to be an important garrison town a long time ago. The province is worth visiting for its splendid historical park and ancient temples. wonderful beaches and caves. as well as a great variety of local food. Phetchaburi is an ancient city with a very long history. Phetchaburi have been named after Phet River flowing through the town.

During Sukhothai and Ayudhaya Kingdoms, Phetchaburi was a strategic royal fort town in the west. Only a lineage of Kings had the rights to rule this historical city. The city has never been destroyed by any enemy. Therefore, there are many old style buildings remain. The prosperity of the Ayudhaya Kingdom can be seen and appreciated in Phetchaburi's wealth of fine old temples.

In the Rattanakosin Era, Phetchaburi has changed its character to a town of charming beauty, with peaceful seaside resorts and superb natural reserves. The three Kings of the Rattanakosin period, King Rama IV, V, and VI built their palaces here; namely Phra Nakhon Khiri, Phra Ramrajaniwet, Phra Rajaniwet Marigdayawan. Cultural tour in Phetchaburi is therefore an interesting activity that shouldn't be missed.

The province is also well-known for its splendid historical park, ancient temples, nice beaches and caves, as well as a great variety of local food and fresh seafood. Phetchaburi is famous for its dessert called "Khonom Mokaeng" (sweet custard) with different kinds of recipe. Its authentic taste will be that of Phetchaburi's palm sugar flavor. Fresh seafood is common in Phetchaburi.

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