Khao Yoi Cave

Khao Yoi Cave is located on Khao Yoi Hill, 22 kilometers prior to arriving at Amphoe Muang Phetchaburi. The Hill is outstanding on the edge of Highway No.4 the cave is in the east part of the hill which is located behind the railway station.

There are many Buddha images of several size and attitudes enshrined in the cave like those of Khao Luang Cave or Khao Bandai It Cave. According to the history, those Buddha images were enshrined long ago before the place was renovated by Phra Khru On of Wat Thai Talat. The legend also says that when King Mongkut was in the monkhood he once made a pilgrimage and stayed overnight for several nights, firstly in front of the hill and lately moved in to the cave, for meditation practice.

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