Gold Village Ban Ron Thong

Ban Ron Thong, gold village, where villagers produce gold by panning ores containing the precious metal. Bang Saphan District has been known to have produced gold in small quantities for over a century. At the site where residents first hit gold, there is even a sign proclaiming that the gold found there was the best in the world. But that was long ago.

More recently, farmer Buakhao Mingmuang first stumbled upon tiny bits of gold after he dug a pond in his backyard about a decade ago. Back then he was not convinced that there was a fortune to made until he ran into heavy debt years later.

He decided to push his luck and resumed digging in his own backyard. He hit gold, not big time but just enough to pay off his debt and make a profit good enough to sustain him and his family. He now makes 20,000 baht a week panning gold in his own backyard. News have spread and others have followed him to the Ban Ron Thong village and there is now gold camp where skilled prospectors sift through the earth to find gold nuggets. While at the gold camp get in on the action and try your luck at finding gold.

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