Rock climbing

This very compact and intense excursion is recommended to all Advanced rock climbing or anyone who has good experience with climbing. Even though it might sound easy, rock climbing requires at least a few basic skills that everyone, who'd love the challenge should possess. A good balance, strength, and a fairly good physical condition, would make this experience much more worth it! Because there is always a slight level of danger climbing on the wet rocks and trying to keep balance, clutching on anything you can.

  Safety is our constant priority, and we will be pretty serious concerning your rock climbing abilities, for your own safety. For this exciting journey, the Pala-U waterfall will be the perfect site. Usually our excursions take us to the 5th floor of the waterfall, but for this challenging climb, we will take you to the very top, up to the 16th floor, where not so many people has set foot. H.A.T is actually the only one to offer this extreme climb! As you will pass the first 6th floors it will gradually get harder, because we will be entering the deep jungle, and you'll need all of your concentration to keep going.

We will make sure sufficient amount of drinking water will always be available, and high energy snack will be provided as you'll need to fill energy back into these muscles and not to forget your brain. Once you'll have reached the very top, you will surely be taken by this breath taking view.
Enjoying this sight will be our main activity as it is still an untouched wilderness at this height. We'll set picnic lunch and then with full bellies we will bravely head down again.
By the time we will have reached the bottom of the waterfall again, we will surely be starving, so a great diner will await us right on the spot.
Do you think you have what it takes? Go on then and join with us for this, one of the kind, challenge in this area!

Tour Prices and Time
Minimum 2 persons
00Baht per person
Minimum 4 persons
00Baht per person
Includes: Entrance fees, English speaking guide, Transport, Lunch & Dinner, Snacks, Drinking water, Accident insurance.
08:00hrs - 15:30hrs

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Rock Climbing Tour

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