Family Challenge

This specially designed program is fit for all kind of families, whether your family is formed with toddlers or teens, or whether it is a small or a large one, everyone will find a very, fulfilled adventure holiday trip. At H.A.T we are dedicated to family values as we are well aware of the role, happy healthy families play in our society. So that's why we believe families should be given a chance to spend time together outside the every day life cell, for them to strengthen the bound between each member.

This 3 Nights 4 Days fun adventure will take you to the famous Keang Krachan National Park, which is the biggest in Thailand. Your journey will start at the Pala-U area, where you are going to set camp for one night and enjoy an interesting range of activities to fill up your day. You'll be trekking the jungle heading to the waterfalls following the trail up to the 3 rd level, where you will enjoy to, swim in the natural pool along with the fish! You'll be taken care of, by our very friendly guides, who are experts of the jungle,and they'll be happy to teach you some of the secrets Mother Nature has in store for us! Lunch will usually be taken in the wild every day, and more discoveries of the jungle will follow!

Activities will link in throughout the day, every day, such as, elephant riding, rubber boat / kayak / canoe, light trekking and rock climbing.
Your last 2 days will be spent in a different location at Huay Sat Yai (Still in the National Park), where you will set camp.
Throughout the whole challenge you'll be discovering and learning, and having fun with your kids whilst you are forgetting the stress of the modern life, you'll go back home feeling younger and light hearted.

And with a warm feeling of intense fulfillment that was well worth the expenses. H.A.T considers family to be the basic of our society and we do take special care in this special program, we hope to have the pleasure to join in adventure with you and your dear ones.

Tour Prices and Time
Minimum 2 persons
00Baht per person
Minimum 4 persons
00Baht per person
Includes: Entrance fees, English speaking guide, Transport, Lunch, Accident insurance.
08:00hrs - 16:00hrs

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Family Challenge Tour

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