Art fair at Nong Sor Temple

On 13 April 2010, at the night of Songkrant Festival, at Nong Sor Temple’s compound took place festive.  Sellers at the fair have donated all their income to the temple. Everything in the fair was priced 9 bath.

It wasn’t an ordinary temple fair with old-fashioned, beautiful, easy and natural decoration in the old way of life style or not the same as other temple fairs seen at the present.  Moreover this time we also saw kind cooperation in holding the fair.

People in the long queue were waiting for Par Charat Titakuno, Abbott of Nong Sor, distributing T-Shirts of “Shroud Exhibition” and auction for the last 10 T-Shirts with autographs of the abbot and artists before admiring paintings inside ordination hall located in the middle of pond.  Those who love art were viewing with great interest each painting, noticing from their peaceful manner and listening to painting narration on motivation and technique used for creating masterpieces. 

Many people were interested in paintings and photos auction taking place at the temple compound. All pieces of arts sold out quickly.  It could be said that the art exhibition was very successful and has played the main role to attract public to the temple fair. The fair itself was successful too thanks to cooperation of all sectors, especially artists and art vision of the abbot of Hua Hin Nong Sor Temple. 

Please note:  Linen of the Remains is a piece of cloth that is used to envelop the body of one who has surpassed all mortal lust. All humans have varying degrees of lust within them.

Reported by Natsupa Dechapanya

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