By-election in Hua Hin 29 May 2010

After the death of Mr. Anan Boonthed, municipal council member, on 7th April, 2010 Election Commission has then declared the date of by-election on Saturday 29 May, 2010 from 08.00 – 15.00, at election unit of zone 1. By-election must be lawfully organized within 60 days after termination of position by death.

Local information service section, administrative sectors and plan & policy section publicize and inform all Hua Hin residents in municipal area. 

Responsibilities of municipal council members:
1. To issue local legislations.
2. To prove and control transparency of local administrators.
3. To approve fiscal coming from local or national taxes for local development. 

Eligible voters must be qualified as:

1. Thai nationality, or obtain Thai nationality at least 5 years in case of naturalization.
2. Age of 18 at least on 1st Jan. of the year of election.
3. Registered in a house registration at least 1 year counting to election date.

Reported by Hua Hin Municipality

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