Diving Koh Samui

With such clear waters and an abundance of marine life, water sports are very popular on Samui, and the king of these sports is diving. Around a dozen dive companies based on the island offer a chance for experienced divers to join them and for beginners to learn how to dive which can be arranged through the hotels and guest houses.

If diving sounds a bit too much of a challenge, then snorkeling is a good second best. Join a trip to one of the nearby coral reefs, put on a mask, a snorkel and fins, then float above the reefs and marvel at the varied shapes and colours of the fish.

If you'd rather keep your head above water, then maybe sea kayaking is the sport for you. Once you've mastered how to propel this small light craft, you can explore the shoreline in perfect peace.

For a bit more of a thrill, try windsurfing jetskiing or paragliding, and feel the tropica1 breeze in your hair. Hotel and guest house owners can give you more information about your choosen sport. If you're water shy, just hang around the beach in the evening and join in one of the spontaneous games of beach volleyball that are so popular, or even 'Takro' a Thai game of skill that is something like playing volleyball with the feet. If exploring the island's interior sounds like a fun, hire a 4WD vehicle and try your hand at off-road driving on the bumpy trails leading to the highlands.

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