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Kanchanaburi - Special interests

National Parks

Kanchanaburi's aforementioned parks offer opportunities for either camping and / or fishing, or trekking along nature trails. Camping facilities, which customarily provide cold running water and siple toilet facilities, are available at Chaloem Rattanakosin, Sai Yok and Erawan National Parks. Trekking along either welldefined waterfall trails, or nature trails, to visit caves or appreciate local flora and fauna, is a popular activity at all national parks.



This is popular on both Kwai Rivers, and the Khao laem and Sri Nakharin Dams. Several raft resorts offer hired rods. Editable and popular fish include the Giant Gourami, the Transverse Bellbarb, the Giant Snake-head Fish and the Dtriped Tiger Nandid. Each is delicious when freshly cooked, either simply fried or in Thai culinary styles.


Trips are available from the provincial capiatal and several holiday resorts. Raft trips leaving from the famous bridge, or the waterfront Song Kwai Road area, cost between 2000 and 4500 baht for 10-15 persons, depending on the duration and destinations. Trips may entail 7-10 hour return journeys, or include and overnight stay on either the Kwai Yai or Kwai Noi Rivers. Visitors are advised to contact TAT's Kanchanaburi office for current information and prices.


Rails trips

Railway entusiasts may travel along one of Southeast Asia's most historical tracks, namely the surviving stretch of the Death Railway, from the provincial capital to the Nam Tok Railway Station near the Sai Yok Noi Waterfall. The winding track crosses the world famous bridge and provides a clear indication of how difficult constructing the original track (long since repaired and restored) must have been. One particularly exhilarating strech sees the line parallel the curving Kwai Noi on a wooden viaduct towering above the river and hugging a steep, cave-ridden cliff.


Golf has become very popular in recent years and can be enjoyed at the courses listed below. Most offer clubhouse, pro shop and caddy facilities, and have rental equipment. Green fees vary widely, weekend generally being more expensive

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