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General Commander-in-Chief, RTA visit to Infantryman Force

On 19 July 2007 at 09.30 am Major General Niwat Meenayothin, Chief Commander of Infantryman Force together with staff went to Hua Hin Ariport to welcome General Commander-in-Chief, RTA and other officials who have arrived from Bangkok by plane.

On arrival at the Infantry Force training base, General Commander-in-Chief, RTA was welcomed by the Guard of Honor lined in front of Army Club. Next General went to pay respect to the Field Marshal Srit Thanarachata Statue.

Later on General and visitors from the Army, Navy, Air Force and Border Police went to the training ground of the Infantry Division.

Colonel Supot Malaniyom, Chief Director of the training has summarized strategy and fighting during a war when various weapon are used.

The General gave a speech to all present at the training base. He said that he is proud that the soldiers have been trained in the practical aspects of the Crisis Response Operation Lane Training. This training together with the GPOI and PSO Lane Trainings are provide in line with the Thai Army training strategy.

Next General Boonsang Neampradit gave an interview to the reporters. He spoke about problems in the three southern provinces. Many soldiers, policeman, monks, teachers and ordinary people were killed by criminals with bombs. It is very paintfull for all of us. Elimination of the terrorist takes long time as it is very difficult to differentiate between bad or good person. General Boonsang said that the army have arrested many suspected terrorists and have found weapons used by them. He thinks, that in not distant future the terrorists in the three southern provinces will be eliminated. After lunch General and and other officials returned by plane back to Bangkok.


Reported by Khun Tuck Dechapanya

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