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Hua Hin Planning Committee completed draft of planning law

Hua Hin Planning CommitteeOn 21 September 2007 Hua Hin Planning Committee met at the municipal hall for the fifth time to complete planning law draft. The meeting was chaired by Vice Governor Khun Pongsak  Plaives.

After a long discussion the draft of new Hua Hin planning law has been finalized. It will be now submitted for consultation with various Hua Hin communities. Once agreement is reached on the new Hua Hin planning law, Hua Hin Planning Committee will submit it to the Minister of the Interior Department for approval.

Chief  of Construction Works Khun  Pichet  Panapong has explained how Hua Hin municipality intends implement the new planning law. In the future there will be a greater cooperation between various Hua Hin municipality departments.

Hua Hin Planning CommitteeThe committee has split Hua Hin into sectors and has marked each sector with colours; yellow, green, blue,  orange,  red. By looking that the colours, it will be immediately clear if a house, store, factory, pub can be build on the plots in that area.

The committee has decided that from now on maximum of 30cm of top up soil can be added on the plot. This will prevent disputes due to flooding of neighbouring plots during a rain fall. It will also reduce damage to roads.

Khun Tuck  Dechapanya  spoke about the need for Hua Hin Planning Committee to make local residents aware about the changes made to the planning law in Hua Hin.

Khun Pongsak  Praives said that government officials need to take as much time as neccessary to explain properly changes to Hua Hin communities so they have a good understanding what is proposed.

Hua Hin Planning Committee Hua Hin Planning Committee
Hua Hin Planning Committee Hua Hin Planning Committee
Hua Hin Planning Committee Hua Hin Planning Committee

Reported by Khun Tuck Dechapanya

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