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Hua Hin Planning Committee meeting to draft the Municipal planning law

Hua Hin Planning Committee

On Wednesday  29  August 2007 at the Naresdamri Hall of Hua Hin Municipality the Hua Hin Planning Committee met for the fourth time. About 50 persons have attended this meeting, among them were Vice-governor of Prachuab Khiri Khan Province Khun Pongsak  Plaivet, Chief of Public Works & Planning of Hua Hin Planning Department Khun Pichet  Panapong, Hua Hin  Planning Officer Khun Somchai Srivibul, Vice Mayor Khun Sombul Chartikitchareon, Permanent  Secretary of Hua Hin Municipality Khun Srisuda Ratree, Chief  Engineer Director Khun Satis Mongkolwat, representative of Chief Commander Lft pol col Somsak  Nueng-on, the leader of Hua Hin Communities and the media.

Khun Pongsak Plaives who was the chairman of the meeting has thanked all present  for helping drafting the new Municipal planning law. He spoke about the complex process of reforming the planning law, about the need for the draft planning law to be approved by various Hua Hin communities. The planning law needs to be fair for everybody as much as possible.   

Next Chief of Public Works & Planning of Hua Hin Planning Department Khun Pichet  Panapong has presented to all members the draft planning document. As a result of the discussion which has followed some of the Legislature paragraphs and sections were amended.

During the meeting, concern has been expressed about beer bars being located very close to the Hua Hin Temple. There is a need to relocate businesses to relevant business zones. Among other issues was discussed a new rule regarding topping up land with soil. Some land owners top up their land plots with so much soil that this has a negative effect on neighbouring properties during rain fall.

Khun Somchai Srivibul who is Expert of Landscape & City Plannning said that any part of the draft documents can be still amended further pending input from local communities. The committee wants to have draf document acceptable to all Hua Hin residents. The Public Prosecutor has questioned some parts of the draft document Khun Somchai said that it will be very easy to correct it. He said that there are almost 3000 foreigners living in Hua Hin. Some of the foreigners run almost illegal property businesses selling house and leasing land plots without the correct documents and at the same time cheating other expats wanting to live in Hua Hin. To help buyers deal with these problems the Governor opened Hua Hin Foreigner Service Link Center. Officials at the center can offer advice how to purchase property without being cheated.

Hua Hin Planning Committee Hua Hin Planning Committee
Hua Hin Planning Committee Hua Hin Planning Committee

Reported by Khun Tuck Dechapanya

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