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Moutain Bike ride from Songkla province to Hua Hin

Hua Hin Bike ClubOn Monday  24  September  2007  Lord Mayor of Hua Hin Khun Sirapan  Kamolpramoth and Municipality staff have arranged a welcome ceremony for 30 bikers members of the Maekong Bike Club lead by Khun Payao Yosjaks which have arrived from Songkla province. They have started ride their bike from Hat Yai eight days ago.

Lord Mayor of Hua Hin Khun Sirapan Kamolpramoth gave a speech to all present. He has congratulated bikers from Songkla on their achievement as they have spent eight days riding to Hua Hin to mark HM the King for 80th birthday anniversary. The Mayor support sport among Hua Hin's boys and girls and encourage them to play football, Takraw, volleyball, golf, tennis and many other sports.

For two days the bikers from Maekong Bike Club will take rest in Hua Hin and will take part in festivities organized by their colleagues from Hua Hin Bike Club. They know each other for a long time now and very often take part together in bike riding competitions.

On Tuesday 25 September 2007 members of the Maekong Bike Club will continue their ride to Bangkok.

Hua Hin Bike Club Hua Hin Bike Club
Hua Hin Bike Club Hua Hin Bike Club
Hua Hin Bike Club Hua Hin Bike Club

Reported by Khun Tuck Dechapanya

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