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Lord Mayor's call on Hua Hin residents to vote in referendum

Hua Hin referendum campaign

On Tuesday 14 August 2007 at 08.00 am around public park, Hua Hin Lord Mayor Mr. Sirapan Kamolpramoth together with the municipality staffs has spoken to the large crowd of teachers, students, District Faculties Office staff and Hua Hin residents that they should vote in the constitution referendum on Sunday. Over one thousand Hua Hin resident have gathered.

Lord Mayor spoke to the crowd of people about draft constitution 2550 and has mobilized them to vote in the constitution referendum on Sunday 19 of August 2007. He said, that this is the first time people our country have a chance to vote in the costitution referendum and has asked them to cast their vote on Sunday. He has told the crowd to walk around Hua Hin and encourage other residents to vote in the referendum.

Afterwards procession of residents have walked around the town. The municipality officials gave to Hua Hin residents information about the constitution referendum and asked them to vote on 19 August 2007. They have encouraged Hua Hin residents to read the draft of the constitution. They have explained to residents how to cast a valid vote.

Hua Hin referendum campaign Hua Hin referendum campaign
Hua Hin referendum campaign Hua Hin referendum campaign

Reported by Khun Tuck Dechapanya

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