As a first step into Sasi restaurant area, sensibility of Thai traditional will come to your imagination. Sound of Thai classical music, which tenderly live played at the entrance, is a perfect appetizer before you will enjoy the main course of both wonderful meal and performance.

Details of the program will be given at your seat for a background of each performance before the show started. Along with the very beginning of the show, starts at 7:00pm with recital Thai classical music, you will be served with a well-arranged set meal of fine Thai cuisine. Sasi Garden Theatre also offers varieties of beverages, cocktails, beers and wines which could make your table a perfect evening.

The show includes the warm welcome from the Blessing Dance: Krisdaphiniharn, the charm of dance-drama: Ram Sat Chatri, the beauty of Siamese smile and clothing from the batik dance: Rabam Pateh, enjoyable fighting show: the Thai martial arts, elegance of Thai classical mask dance: Khon (episode of great war), and a great drum dance: Thueod Thoung.

After the show finished, the live Thai traditional music still played for all guests to enjoy their marvelous time under the moonlight. This could be another unforgettable dining experience for you.