Orchids has taste in spades - in both the culinary and style senses.

The Thai-French restaurant, which opened for almost 3 years, has a rich, elegant yet understated décor. Well space designed separates dining area in two sections. In front dining area , one side of the walls of high-ceilinged is wood finishing in walnut tone with stained glasses void, and another is beautifully filled along with different kinds of tropical plants. Upper level area is simple-well decorated with pieces of artful woven clothes. Moreover, the traditional Thai art is reflected on most details of decoration items. Seating is at well-spaced tables and comfortable rattan or upholstered chairs.

The menu is extensive, with seafood, steak, French-European dishes, and Thai Dishes. There are also salads and a selection of appealing starters.

The list of "chef's recommended" dishes includes such intriguing-sounding offerings as Fried minced chicken w/ garlic & fresh pepper (appetizer), Chef Salad (appetizer), Deep fried fish fillet w/ black pepper sauce (Thai Dish), and Duck breast w/ orange burgundy sauce (French). Vegetarian dishes and kid menu are also available.

Orchids also offers varieties of beers, wine and cocktails.

Dining in Orchids is different form the others as giving us such a warm atmosphere. We would say

" This place likes home rather than restaurant."