Italian eateries is spotlighted as an Italian scene of this town.

Sharing the same building as Mamma Mia restaurant, Capo's restaurant on the upper floor provides wide selection of the artfully and tastefully Italian dishes, ribs, steak and famous homemade Italian ice-cream yet the atmosphere is much enjoyable.

Capo's Al Fresco, established in August 1997 with the idea of making the first Italian restaurant along with ribs and steaks in Hua Hin, and this was not easy to make it happened because, at that time, not only many Italian places was being very popular but also grilled ribs and steaks was just a new thing in this beach town. Capo's has proved itself and at this moment, still continuing to serve customers the best of its experiences.

Maurizio also welcomes all guests to ask for recommendation and it will surprisingly suit to your taste.